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Transformational Coach
For Women

Empowering You to Create the Life You Desire

You're on the cusp of change.

Ready to make your vision a reality. 


But there's still a gap between where you are and where you want to be.


You know that you're ready for more.

You're committed to taking that next-level leap…


The only thing standing in your way is… you.


Maybe you're afraid you'll fail.
Maybe you're afraid you won't.
Maybe you're afraid because you don't know what life will look like on the other side.


But here's the thing...

You. Are. Ready.


How do I know this?


Because just like me, you have no desire for a small life.


What you desire is a life that's uniquely yours…


  • A life that gets your heart racing

  • A life that meets your deepest desires and dreams

  • A life that's in alignment with your highest purpose


For you, that might look like finally starting a business,
Or becoming untouchably confident.

It might look like finding your soulmate,
Or moving halfway across the world.


(or maybe it's all of the above?)


You've always known that you're meant for more.


Don't let roadblocks keep you from your path.
Let them be your catalyst into the life you were always meant to live.

Move from fear to freedom.

Make your life uniquely yours.



I'm Natalie Soper - a Transformational Coach for Women.


I help ambitious women (like you) take the leap and transform their lives into what they truly desire.


Let's start that business, elevate the one you have, take that big step, and open space for you to really shine your light in this world.


This work is for the woman who has the courage to let go of the good 

to achieve the great.


It's for the woman who's ready to lean into what fulfills her, energizes her, and makes her come ALIVE!


My journey into coaching began when I took a self-development training that changed everything.


See, I've always been a high achiever - graduating with an MBA at the top of my class. Working in a dream job, jetsetting to the most incredible places in the world.


But I wasn't happy.  


My limiting beliefs were running my life, controlling what I did and how I did it. I could no longer hear what my heart had to say - and what I really desired out of life. I spent most of my time performing - trying to prove to myself that I was good enough. 

All that did was lead me straight into burnout.


That one self-development course shifted the way I saw everything.
It was the catalyst I needed to redesign my life.


It led me to quitting my job without knowing what would come next.

It led me to taking a chance on my heart and what I knew I wanted from this life.


And my life radically changed for the better.


Through this path I became my own boss - creating a life where I have complete freedom to work anywhere I want, with ample time for passion projects and leisure.


I discovered what truly fulfills me and energizes me by co-facilitating self-development trainings and weekly events for my community.


I worked with other incredible entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses with my digital marketing skills.


And in every moment, I continue to create the life of my dreams, in my own unique way.


Now, I want to help you do the same...


  • To free yourself from what's holding you back.

  • To step into your power and meet your greatest potential.

  • To find fulfillment in everything you do.

  • To take those risks and design a life that's 100% aligned with you.


Woman, you have the power to create your own life.
So, why not create a life you love?

Let's step into this transformation together, and witness the magic that happens when you finally choose yourself.




Helena, Entrepreneur

“Working with Natalie has helped me work through some very deep seated beliefs and old perceptions that have been holding me back for years. Her gentle and empathetic manner is unique, she makes you feel totally safe and able to open up completely.


Thanks to Natalie I’m feeling excited about the next stage in building my business, raring to go (!), instead of suffering from the doubt and procrastination that’s been stopping me. As a result I’ve confidently met with senior leaders in my niche and taken empowered action towards building my business. Watch out world, I’m here!”

"Before I started coaching with Natalie I was struggling with clearly naming my mission and telling the world about it. I doubted my ability to be a businesswoman and rathered to stay hidden than risk being exposed and seen. 


Natalie helped me become clearer about my message, my values and my why behind my businesses. Now I speak about my products confidently. I distilled my mission and philosophy and proudly state what I stand for and what I don't stand for. This means that I am not a business for everyone and I dare to position myself clearly.


I definitely got bolder in my expression and feel more grounded and assured in what I do. I really appreciate Natalie's deep listening skills and she surprised me with some on-point questions that really helped me to see things differently - even though I think a lot myself. Natalie is a great coach, empathic, patient, and holds great space."

Maria, Entrepreneur

Melis, Entrepreneur

"Natalie has helped me work through challenges as a new business owner in the past six months. Specifically building up my confidence in delivering proposals / solutions to new clients and helping resolve their digital marketing solutions. As well as understanding key growth areas and setting goals weekly to build on them. 


I found Natalie helped me re-frame certain challenges with the perception of  myself I had in my mind, via the probing questions she asked me. This really helped me understand my strengths as a digital marketer and the value I bring to the table. Otherwise I was getting stuck on my weaknesses and not seeing the bigger picture / value add.


Suffice to say I look forward to partnering with Natalie in the near future again. Her input has been invaluable and I could not recommend her more as your coach."



Transformational Coaching

A 4 Month Minimum 1:1 Private Coaching Partnership to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. 


For the woman who wants to create a big shift in her life - who's on the cusp of change or who has already taken that leap and wants support to go even further.


This partnership will enable you to design the life you truly desire.


You will…


  • Become clear on your vision - embody a felt sense of your ideal self, desired goals and outcomes, your purpose, and your WHY

  • Identify and free yourself from your biggest limiting beliefs and blocks

  • Take empowered action towards your dreams

  • Reclaim your freedom - unlocking your ability to create the changes you desire

  • Fully step into your power - feeling confident, purposeful, and aligned

  • ...and more


This program is entirely customized to your needs and desires.


This is a shared journey we take together - a safe and supportive space where you'll be empowered not to depend on me, but to find the answers within yourself.


Experience the paradigm shift that comes from freeing yourself from past limitations.
FEEL as you step into new levels of confidence, power, and abundance!


The end result?
A life you really want, on your own terms.


What You'll Receive…


Biweekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions
Over a 4+ Month Partnership
This is where the magic happens! Every other week, we'll come together for 1 hour to transform, shift, and create your life. This includes one "Future Pacing Session" - an NLP method designed to unleash your creativity and potential to bring your vision to life.


Unlimited Text Support (via Voxer app)

Come with your challenges and celebrate your wins! For any support you may need between coaching sessions, you'll have access to me via Voxer.

Post Completion Check-In Session

Scheduled 4 weeks after completing the program, this 30-minute Check-In Session will make sure you're on track and address anything that has come up for you since. The intention of this call is to help keep you accountable and motivated to continue making big strides on your path! 

Ready to design the life you desire?

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Group Workshops & Trainings

Available upon request.


Highly experiential and interactive group workshops & trainings to support transformation on the deepest level.


My workshops and trainings are unique in that they are amplified by the community of people taking part - they leverage each person's motivation and support to take everyone further than where they might have gone alone.


This is powerful personal growth in a dynamic group setting.


Current Offerings:


Vision Workshop


Through a journey of movement, visualization, written and spoken processes, and circle sharing, you will gain clarity on your future vision (of 6 months to 1 year) and set powerful intentions to bring those visions to life.


As we explore our visions, you'll have the chance to release some limiting beliefs to further open your ability to take real action and create the change that you seek.


Learn how to stop playing small and start living your greatest visions

One participant's experience: "I went to Natalie's Life Envisioning workshop last minute, not knowing what to expect. What I experienced was a powerful movement into presence with so much love and positive attunement. From there I could really start to see the aspects of my life that I am committed to manifesting. It was both gentle and powerful, and I was left with actions to manifest the highest vision of my life. I'm grateful for this experience. I will keep the practices with me moving forward. Natalie is an excellent facilitator and I absolutely recommend her as well as this course. Much gratitude, Natalie!" - Kaplan

Interested in booking a Group Workshop or Training for your community?

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